Retreats Created with Love

Join us for an adventure in redefining yourself

Why Our Retreats?

Our intention is to have you feel love, belonging and empowered to be their true selves. We want to create a space for you to share, learn, grow and embrace who you really are.

These are hard and difficult times. We are all dealing with discomfort as our world is FINALLY confronting injustice.

Feeling into the discomfort you have is how we grow and change. These experiences are created for those who are ready to show up and do the work.

Yoga practices on our retreats are for all level yogis.

Our yoga styles are restorative, yin, slow vinyasa flows. These are our favorite ways to practice.

We allow you to be fully present with your body and more importantly listen to your body through each pose.

During our week together, you’ll learn the basics of meditation and how the benefits can improve your life.

Meditation classes will be focused on mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different.

Enjoying the present moment without holding  on when it changes (which it will. Feeling into the fear, discomfort, sadness without fearing it will always be this way.

It’s hard to feel the emotions that are hard. The ones that make us vulnerable. Jon Kabat-Zinn said it best that mindfulness means to “pay attention.”

Visualization meditations bring you out of your thoughts and invite you to imagine. Visualization is a technique that allows you to experience the feelings associated with achieving a future goal.

It’s rooted in visual images and other sensory experiences. This technique is used for people who simply want to improve their lives.

Using mantras and affirmations retrain your brain in believing you are worthy, you are enough and you are good.

I love using mantras during yoga and meditation. They give me strength and confidence in myself.

Kundalini chants I’ve been using in my meditations for about 2 years, thanks to Gabby Bernstein. Chants transcend me into a new relam of consciousness.

Kundalini chants are meant to move energy through the body. The energy at the base of the spine (root chakra) needs to be released through the seven chakras of the body and then out through thr crown chakra.

I feel a lot of energy movement when I sit in meditation with kundalini chants.

Bodywork Services and Meditation Sessions

We offer extra services of Bodywork services and one-on-one Meditation sessions on our retreats:

  • One-on-one fifteen minute meditation = $15
  • Bodywork service pricing includes: cupping, massage, energy healing**
    • 30 minutes = $40
    • 60 minutes = $70
    • 90 minutes = $100

**Bodywork services are ONLY offered on our Tuscany and Puglia Retreats

**Payments for extra services can be made through Paypal or Venmo.

Are you ready to own up to your feelings?

Have you said these things to yourself:

  • “Just be happy” nobody wants to hear your problems.
  • “It’s not that bad” I won’t tell anyone how I really feel.
  • “Don’t be so emotional” no one likes see you cry.
  • “Look on the bright side” it’s always better to be positive than dwell on the bad thoughts.

I’m here to tell you that its ok if this was your past.

Now is the time to honor your feelings, because they are natural. You only have control over your reactions to those feelings. That is your choice. 

If this sounds like you, you might: 

  • neglect how you feel to accomodate others. 
  • stop holding people accountable for how they make you feel.
  • people please every chance you get.
  • pick the same fight with a loved one because you’re not sure how to express yourself. 

If you keep on “not feeling”, not speaking your truth, you’ll remain where you are. Do you really want that?

I know you don’t. 

I was once you. I wasn’t fully living in my truth because I was afraid to hurt those around me. 

Not any more!



“You may have the Universe if I may have Italy.”

– Giuseppe Verdi

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