Self Love Yoga

How to immerse yourself into your practice

and stay present with your body


Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga when you wake is an amazing way to start the day. Our first practice will begin at 8:00 am.

Each practice will be unique to you and each pose will connect to your body differently. My teaching style is a flow however with a touch of challenge.

Most importantly, whatever level of yoga you are familiar with, my practice will only challenge you, not defeat you. I am here to build you up, not beat you down.

Whether you want a challenge or not, the practice will be something you can do. Throughout the week you will be checking-in with yourself to bring attention to you and your body.

Lastly, always remembering that each day is different and your body is always changing.

“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.” 

― Gurmukh kaur khalsa

Mindfulness Meditation

Do you ever notice how your body is feeling? Do you check in with yourself when you feel overwhelmed or anxious?

Could you sit in that discomfort? Mindfulness is being able to be present in a situation and just feel those feelings.

No matter how uncomfortable. Then let them go from your body. We hold so much emotion deep down in our bodies creating pain, discomfort, and illness.

You will learn how you react to certain situations in your life during meditation. Meditation opens our eyes to ourselves and what we are holding to and what we need to let go of.

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”


Set an Intention

Each day, when we open our eyes to the light of day, set an intention.

How do we want to handle this day?

What do we want out of our day?

Perhaps to be real and to be true to ourselves. Pausing during the day to check in with ourselves, asking if we are being self-compassionate towards ourselves.

Do we believe we are enough?

Do we want more in this life?

Do we believe we deserve more?

Be honest and choose to be seen as you are.

Notice your Inner Self-Talk

How do you talk to yourself in private?

Are you able to accept yourself as you are?

Are you hard on yourself when things go wrong?

Positive self-talk is something that everyone lacks.

Try to ask yourself this:

“Would I talk to a person I care about like that?”


Be Grateful

Gratitude and Joy are two words that work together. Being joyful isn’t something that someone is constantly.

Stopping during the day to be grateful is a practice. Then finding joy in a particular life experience only lasts for that moment.

Do you have a gratitude practice?

Do you feel moments of joyfulness?

We will explore these thoughts and how to make them a daily practice.

“Your job, throughout your entire life, is to disappoint as many people as it takes to avoid disappointing yourself.”

-Glennon Doyle, Untamed

“The wound is where the light enters you.”


“Recognize the other person is you.”
― Yogi Bhajan

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