From Self-Doubt to Self-Love

1-on-1 Mindfulness Meditation

A transformational journey for women who want more from life by owning who they are, connecting to themselves more deeply and finding the courage to be their true self. 

Learn about KatieMindfulness Meditation

"Knowing who I am and not apologizing for it."

Mindfulness is the core of learning what we are really about. When we become aware of our unconscious thoughts that is when the breakthrough begins.

Have you ever sat with yourself noticing your thoughts? Do you become your thoughts? Do those thoughts hold you back?

My goal is to guide you through these thoughts. Where did they come from? Why are they showing up now?

Mindfulness always is non-judgmental, moment to moment awareness which keeps us in the present moment.




If you are struggling with:

  • Taking care of yourself
  • Being comfortable in your own skin
  • Old stories that are on repeat
  • Wanting someone to “fix” you

Join me in taking the first step from Fear to Love.

1:1 Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindfulness Meditation is set up to support you, hold space for you, and allow you to move through blocks.

The tools and techniques I’ll share with you will be useful, helpful and special for you.

Do you struggle with:

  • being comfortable in your own skin
  • choosing to be you are without getting permission
  • listening to your ego more than your heart
  • patterns that have kept you small

How it Works: 

Curated Program 

Start the Journey

Mindfully Peace it Together Workshop

The video is of the recent workshop I hosted that literally changed my life. 

I got great feedback and I can’t wait to do another one. 

Please watch and send me your takeaways! 

I made this for you!

Connect to Yourself Workshop

This workshop is all about connecting to yourself in a deeper way.

What I go over in this video:

-We’ll practice 3 meditations
-Learn how to connect to your body
-Choose again Method
-Myths about connecting to yourself
-Learn what Judgement really means
-How to be more self-aware your feelings and reactions.

Let me know what you think!

Top 3 things to honor yourself

1. Notice the thought

Noticing the thoughts that take us to a negative space is the first step to change our well-being. When we choose our thoughts rather than listen to the ego, we get to choose how we react.

2. Forgive your thought

Forgive yourself for being willing to choose again. Thank your negative self-talk for showing you what you still need to heal.

We want to be seen and heard just as we are. No people pleasing, no magic tricks, no showing off. Just be who we are meant to be.

3. Choose a better feeling thought

Answer this for yourself: What is the better feeling thought I can find right now? After ask the Universe to guide you toward that thought. All you want is to be accepted. When you’ve been told to be a certain way to be accepted you can  get stuck in patterns of being. Let’s stop those patterns. Choose again. 

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